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B-Line Construction is Always Prompt, Pleasant & Affordable


I have known Don Woolliscroft of B-Line Construction for many years, both as a friend, and through various jobs done on my property. Projects include extensive excavation for landscaping, septic repair, and installation of an advanced septic system.

He is always prompt, pleasant & affordable, and I would be happy to recommend him for a ďa job well doneĒ.

- Sharon, Shelton

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B-Line Construction Performs With Any of the Best Contractors in Washington State


March 16, 2016 B-Line Construction has completed five separate construction projects for us, and we could not be more pleased with their performance, professionalism and results.

Having worked in the construction field, as an Architect, for more than 40 years with hundreds of contractors and sub-contractors, I can highly recommend Don and Dana Wolliscroft and their company, B-Line Construction, Inc. for excavation, septic, and residential building construction.

B-Line and their crew have completed a major driveway excavation, wood frame building remodel, wood fence construction and major septic system maintenance for us over the past four years.

Highlights of their exemplary performance are:

1.Don worked well with permitting agencies, getting a roadway permit when we were unable. As Don put it, ďI love projects that start with NO!Ē

2. Don schedules each project and checks on projects during construction.

3. Employees are all capable, skilled and hard working individuals.

4. Projects started and completed on time.

5. B-Line owns and uses quality, well maintained equipment.

6. The completed projects are high quality.

7. B-Line is a well organized company.

We live in rural Mason County where, because of the low population, there are few contractors, and fewer competent contractors. We are very fortunate that Don and Dana have decided to build their business here locally, because our experience has been that B-Line Construction performs with any of the best contractors in Washington State.

- Bob and Jann B. Harstine Island

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B-Line was great to work with


B-Line Construction (Don Woolliscroft) has been involved with the development of our beach front
property since 2006. We have used their expertise for our septic system, utility lines, road
development, drainage management and tree removal. Most recently, 2014-2015, B-Line Construction
was the contractor for our 4300 square foot home. Having a contractor who also does the site
development and drainage work is an excellent way to build. We are very pleased with the way runoff
water is directed away from
our home. There is no water in the crawl space or standing around the
perimeter of the foundation. Don Woolliscroft and his contractor worked with our architect to
eliminate steps into our home making all of the entrances wheelchair assessable. Even our water-side
patio is step-free onto the grassy slope down to the beach. Don Woolliscroft has been proactive inresolving the fewproblems that have come up since construction
was completed.We are extremely pleased with our new home.
We would strongly recommend B-Line Construction for their combined services of property development and construction.
and Ginni B
March 2017

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Everything They do is Top Notch With Quality Materials

Everything They do is Top Notch With Quality Materials


We had no idea when we contacted B-Line in 2008 about a new septic system, that there would be an ongoing relationship.

We also didnít know they were a multi-faceted contractor. B-Line has grown far beyond a highly reputable septic company. When we were ready to build our garage with apartment above, we hired B-Line. Next was the house, and we built our retirement dream home with them.

The last project with B-Line was the granite retaining wall at the waterfront... beautiful, professional landscaping job.

Everything they do is top notch with quality materials, dependable crew and professional workmanship. Itís been a pleasure working with Don and Dana and Iím sure they havenít heard the last of us yet!

- Larry and Marcia, Shelton

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The Right Equipment and Personnel to Complete the Work on Schedule and on Budget


We recently completed renovations on our property in the Shelton area. The home was built in the early-1950ís, still used the original septic system, and an upgrade was an important part of our plan.

After checking references and speaking directly to people regarding their experience with local construction companies, we selected B-Line to perform the work: Evaluation of the existing system, development of options and approaches, design and permit application preparation, construction/installation, and testing.

We are very pleased with all aspects of this project. B-Line prepared a thoughtful, well-grounded design suitable for our needs, facilitated the permit application submittal and approval process, and showed up on-site as promised with the right equipment and personnel to complete the work on schedule and on budget.

Upon completion of the work, B-Line personnel walked us through system operation and maintenance. Every person we met from B-Line was professional, courteous, and friendly and we definitely received value for our money.

- Tom & Linda, Shelton

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We recommend B-Line Construction Without Question or Reservation


B-Line Construction has done several projects for our family and we have been very satisfied with their excellent work.

We had two sites where the location of the septic systems was unknown and had to be located, inspected, repaired, pumped, and protected from traffic; we had a leak in the main water pipe leading from our well to the house that required a construction plan with trenching for a new bypass pipe; and we needed a 300í driveway planned and constructed for a timbered site.

For each of these jobs, Don Woolliscroft provided professional and insightful analysis of the project at hand and discussed potential solutions with us. Once we agreed on a plan, Don brought in his experienced crew to do the work, which was done well and completed in a timely manner.

Don not only used his expertise to come up with a plan for our immediate need, but also considered long-term implications of any project on the future value of our land. Donís professional counsel and knowledge are invaluable. We recommend B-Line Construction without question or reservation.

- Bob & Grace, Shelton

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B-Line Construction of Shelton, WA
B-Line Construction of Shelton, WA

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2971 E. Phillips Lake Loop Road, Shelton, WA 98584

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