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B-Line Construction (Don Woolliscroft) has been involved with the development of our beach front
property since 2006. We have used their expertise for our septic system, utility lines, road
development, drainage management and tree removal. Most recently, 2014-2015, B-Line Construction
was the contractor for our 4300 square foot home. Having a contractor who also does the site
development and drainage work is an excellent way to build. We are very pleased with the way runoff
water is directed away from
our home. There is no water in the crawl space or standing around the
perimeter of the foundation. Don Woolliscroft and his contractor worked with our architect to
eliminate steps into our home making all of the entrances wheelchair assessable. Even our water-side
patio is step-free onto the grassy slope down to the beach. Don Woolliscroft has been proactive inresolving the fewproblems that have come up since construction
was completed.We are extremely pleased with our new home.
We would strongly recommend B-Line Construction for their combined services of property development and construction.
and Ginni B
March 2017

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